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In a world where Christian values and faith in God are challenged every day it is comforting to know that New Hope has been stalwart in its dedication to provide quality elementary and secondary education in a faithfully Christian environment.  For nearly forty years, New Hope has taught many students ABC’s & 123’s with a Christ centered focus.

For the last 2 years New Hope’s enrollment has steadily increased as more and more families recognize the importance of quality education where Christianity is celebrated, not deterred.  The enrollment has grown so much that two years ago New Hope expanded into a second building for kindergarten which is known to the students as New Hope North.  In actuality, New Hope North is really Apfel Funeral Home located just north of the current school.  While everyone at New Hope is grateful for the use of the building, I am sure you will agree the situation is not ideal.

Another challenge New Hope faces is the lack of indoor gym and activity space.  The current New Hope building is several blocks from the Baptist Church and Cairo Community Center which offer their facilities for use to New Hope.  In poor weather students must recess, lunch, conduct PE, music, and every other activity at their desks.  It is simply not feasible to leave the confines of the current building to poor weather to travel to other facilities.

The New Hope Board recognizes that no matter how resourceful and resilient their students are the problem is simply a lack of space.  Which is an excellent problem to have in comparison to the issues facing other public schools.  In prayerful consideration the New Hope Board has decided that it is necessary to build a new facility.

The new building will not only accommodate their current enrollment but allow for expansion for up to seventy-five children.  New Hope has worked with the Village of Cairo to trade ground at the Cairo Community Center for their current building.  This saves New Hope hundreds of thousands of dollars in building expense as they will be able to utilize the Community Center gym for activities instead of building their own.  The new location will allow building to start without interrupting the 2016-2017 school year.

Today, I’m is asking you to prayerfully consider supporting New Hope schools with a financial gift.  Every dollar you give to help build the new school is an investment in quality Christian based education.

Your gift provides important building funds that will complete the building, provide improvements in teaching methods, and adequate space to provide Christian based education to event more children.

Thank you for your continued support of New Hope.

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