“I like New Hope because I have Christian friends to play with at recess. I also like the teachers! I like the teachers because they are nice and they give you second chances if you get it wrong the first time. I make great friends at New Hope that are really nice. Your friends at New Hope will always be there for you.” -Jacob, Current Student

“I like going to New Hope Christian School because we get to have Bible every morning. I like that we can pray whenever we want. It is awesome because we can have a Bible in our desk and know one makes fun of you. This school is awesome. The teachers are awesome.” -Ayva, Current Student

“I enjoy being a student at New Hope because I love being in a Christian environment. Also, because I like having Christian friends. I love being able to pray aloud with everybody in my whole classroom. Also because I don’t get made fun of or bullied. I have lots of nice friends.” -Tyus, Current Student

“I like New Hope because the students there are nice to you and I have a lot of friends. New Hope is also good because the teachers are nice and they pray with us. We also get to have Bible class together. We get to go outside for fresh air and the teachers never give up on you.” -Matison, Current Student

“What I enjoy about my school is that we get to go on field trips. I also enjoy that the teachers are willing to help you if you don’t understand something. The teachers are always nice. The classrooms are full of nice students and the tasks are not too hard.” -Eden, Current Student

“What I love about New Hope is there’s always someone to play with. And if you are sitting down they will come and see if you want to play with them. Nobody bullies you ever. And there are really good teachers. If you ever have a question you can ask the teachers and they will help you a lot. They teach about Jesus Christ. There’s Christian friends all around you every day.” -Brodey, Current Student

“I love New Hope because we all have one thing in common, We love Jesus!” -Reese, Former Student

“New Hope is amazing. The kids, teachers, and aids are like family.” -Dillen, Former Student

“I had the privilege of attending New Hope Christian School from 1st through 6th grade. My wife, Patricia and I now have the opportunity to send our twin boys to school there and our little girl will be attending in a few years. From my experiences as a student and now as a parent of students attending New Hope, the biggest benefit to me is that the Biblical principles, such as creation and salvation through Jesus, that we teach our children at home are reinforced at school. The quality of education is also excellent and the dedication of everyone that has been involved with the school, from its beginning until now, has been amazing!” -Aron Hostetler,¬†Former Student/Current Parent