Calling all Kindergarten-6th Grade Athletes!

The New Hope Christian Field day will take place on May 10, 2019at Nebraska Christian School, 1847 Inskip Avenue Central City, NE

Registration begins at 12:30 pm with the track meet starting at 1:00 pm (sharp). We will do field events first with running events immediately following.

Registration Deadline: April 26th.

Cost: $7 per child

Event Details:

  • Kids can wear clothing appropriate for the day.
  • A concession stand with snacks and drinks will be available. This is sponsored by the Nebraska Christian parents and all proceeds go to benefit N.C.
  • If there is bad weather that day, check your emails/texts/facebook in the morning. We will decide day of the event if/when a rain date will be set.
  • We NEED volunteers, so if you know a middle school/high school student who is willing to help supervise an event, please send their name along with the registration forms.
  • We will also need volunteers to lead the groups from event to event. SO A BIG PLEA to parents, would you be willing to lead your child’s group around from event to event? If so, indicate that on your registration form.
  • Note: All participants will be signed up for all events. If there is an event they cannot participate in, they can scratch at that event location.


  • 50 Meter Dash (K-3)
  • Standing Long Jump (K-2)
  • Running Long Jump (3-6)
  • 100 Meter Dash (4-6)
  • 400 Meter Dash (4-6)
  • Softball Throw (K-6)
  • Soccer Kick (K-6)
  • Shuttle Run (K-6)
  • Jump Rope (K-6)
  • Three-Legged Race (K-3)
  • ALL SCHOOL RELAY – this must include 2 girls and 2 boys. Each team must also include children from 4 different grades.

CLICK HERE to download a registration form. Deadline is April 26th, 2019